Npllydata partners with Iroko Crtic


Nollydata is partnering with Iroko Critic to facilitate the upload of Nollywood Movie information to the platform. 

The platform which was launched in February was built to bring data closer to the hands of Nollywood stakeholders. The website allows creatives to create personalized profiles which give details of their works and easy ways to be reached for jobs. 

Also, it allows movie producers and contributors to share information such as cast and crew list, production date, release date, genre, format, duration and links to Nollywood films on the platform. This is where Nollydata has partnered with Iroko Critic to facilitate this. 

Speaking on this, one of the founders, Chidinma Igbokweuche said “This was the goal when we decided to launch this website. We know we can’t do it alone and set out to partner with as many collaborators as we can. We have been working behind the scenes for a couple of months on this partnership and are very happy to be working with the people behind Iroko Critic. At the moment, we already have over 20 movies information uploaded to the platform and more coming”

Iroko Critic founders also said; "When we heard about Nollydata, it was love at first sound. The vision and its potential remain immense and we wanted to play any role we could, no matter how small, to actualize it. When Iroko Critic subsequently offered our blanket support we were unsure of what form it would be required in so when we were asked to partner with them it was with glee and with some butterflies in our stomach but it was an easy 'Yes'."

Co-founder of Nollydata; Ibrahim Suleiman says they are looking forward to partnering with more people in the industry to further develop different aspects of the platform. 

Registered users can also rate and drop comments on all the movies uploaded on the platform.